FileMaker Protocol: Adding Individual Glycerol Stock Data

THIS CAN BE DONE ON THE BROWSER VERSION OF THE DATABASE   1. Create a Passage record for the glycerol stock.   2. Copy the Passage ID of the record ... Read More

Malem Flores Selected IB's Most Outstanding MSc graduate

Congratulations to Malem Flores, a PMS-ICBG member for being the University of the Philippines - Institute of Biology's Most Outstanding MSc graduate this year!   You ... Read More

Antibiotics of the future might come from the bottom of the oceans

 JANUARY 30, 2013 | By Tibi Puiu The advent of antibiotics has spared humanity of a great deal of suffering and has saved countless lives through the years. Infectious ... Read More

US scientists find 15-million-year-old mollusk protein

Washington, D.C.-- A team of US scientists have found "beautifully preserved" 15 million-year-old thin protein sheets in fossil shells from southern Maryland. ... Read More

Modest Mollusk May Sport World's Strongest Material

The limpet's hardy teeth could inspire new vehicular designs, experts say. | 02/2015
By Ralph Martins | National Geographic  Nature's latest discovered supermaterial comes from a decidedly modest creature: A type of mollusk found on the rocky ... Read More

Mollusk biology could hold the key to lithium-ion battery efficiency

By Joel Hruska on February 17, 2015  Researchers working at the University of Maryland in Baltimore County have developed a new way to boost the performance and longevity ... Read More

Meet the Team: Miguel Azcuna

Project Role: Research:  Other interests: Links:

Deadly sea snail uses weaponised insulin to make its prey sluggish

The geographic cone snail can send whole schools of fish into hypoglycaemic shock by releasing insulin into the water | 01/2015
Press Association Monday 19 January 2015 15.00 EST A tropical sea snail uses a potent form of insulin to subdue its fish prey, scientists have discovered. The ... Read More

Meet the team: Emma Handy

Project Role: Research:  Other interests: Links:  

Meet the team: Cassie Hayter

  Project Role: Masters student in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology   Research:  My work in the lab thus far is based on previous co-streaking ... Read More

Meet the team: Oliver Belleza

Project Role: MS student, Institute of Chemistry, University of the Philippines - Diliman   Research:  Synthesis of fluorescently-labeled Nobilamide ... Read More

The Scientific Impact of Nations: Journal Placement and Citation Performance

DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0109195 | 01/2015
"We found that international collaboration has a strong, positive influence on both journal placement and citation performance in most disciplines. As the number of countries ... Read More

Unusual digestive systems of shipworms may help improve biofuel production

The ‘termites of the sea’ have super weird digestive systems, and they might help us make biofuels - By Rachel Feltman | 11/2014
  Shipworms were already weird animals, but they just got weirder. The ocean-dwelling clams, which actually look much more like slimy worms, are some of the only creatures ... Read More

Meet the Team: Carissa Shipman

Project Role: PhD student and Research Assistant Marine Natural Products Laboratory,  University of the Philippines-Diliman, Marine Science Institute R ... Read More

Proteins engineered from mollusk stick like glue — even in water

New adhesives based on mussel proteins could be useful for naval or medical applications. | 10/2014
Anne Trafton | MIT News Office  September 21, 2014 Shellfish such as mussels and barnacles secrete very sticky proteins that help them cling to rocks or ... Read More

Fogarty funds cutting-edge biodiversity initiatives

September 8, 2014   In addition to diseases for which there are ineffective or no cures, key pathogens are becoming increasingly drug-resistant. As a ... Read More

Synthesis and bioactivity of nobilamide B

An alternative and facile solution/solid-phase approach is reported for the total synthesis of neuroactive peptide, nobilamide B. Z-Dhb was formed in solution via ... Read More

Advances in mollusk parasite culturing methods drives research

Researchers at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences dug into the last 70 years of peer-reviewed publications about protozoan parasites that infest bivalve mollusks and found ... Read More

Ocean Genome Legacy at Northeastern University

Ocean Genome Legacy (OGL) is a non­profit envi­ron­mental research orga­ni­za­tion ded­i­cated to pro­moting new methods for the study and ... Read More

FileMaker Protocol: Updating provenance information on isolate record page

Instructions on how to add the provenance information to the isolate record: You will need to separately edit/create a passage record associated with the isolate(s).  This ... Read More

First fMRI images of individual neurons of a mollusk

A research team from CEA NeuroSpin and the Institut de neurosciences cognitives et intégratives d'Aquitaine (CNRS/Université de Bordeaux) demonstrated the possibility ... Read More

A timeline of PMS-ICBG publications

A beautiful visualization of the timeline of PMS-ICBG publications created using Timeline.js.  

Photography Exhibition: “The Art and Science of Shells

20 May 2014 14:50 by IND Staff Lafayette artist Herman Mhire’s upcoming photography exhibition, “The Art and Science of Shells,” will be featured at the ... Read More

On the brink of drug discovery

STAR SCIENCE By Alexis D. Guerrero (The Philippine Star)  Updated December 5, 2013  When you think about drug discovery, it’s easy to imagine shiny, ... Read More

Charting new waters in the quest for new drugs

STAR SCIENCE By Lilibeth A. Salvador-Reyes, Ph.D. (The Philippine Star)  Updated May 1, 2014 We often hear about the road to Olympic gold every time there ... Read More

Meet a Mollusk: Blue Dragon

Glaucus atlanticus From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Glaucus atlanticus (commonly known as the sea swallow, blue angel, blue glaucus, blue dragon, blue sea slug ... Read More

Meet the Team: Jose Miguel Robes

Research Assistant at the Marine Natural Products Laboratory, University of the Philippines-Diliman, Marine Science Institute Project Role: Links: Other interests: ... Read More

Mollusk shell secrets unlocked

Will it signal a new generation of eyewear? | 04/2014
By James Maynard | Tech Times    Mollusk shells are tough - they easily withstand most attacks from predators. Yet, the shell of the windowpane oyster is also ... Read More

Malacologist Amanda Lawless talks marauding African land snails and other mollusks

| 03/2014
Jeanette Woods |  March 6, 2014 |   Amanda Lawless, a scientist at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, is a marine biologist, ... Read More

Cambrian Explosion: The Case of Mollusks

Evolution News & Views | 11/2013
November 12, 2013 An animal body plan that appeared abruptly in the Cambrian explosion -- the mollusk -- challenges Darwinian assumptions about the history of life. Three ... Read More

Life in the “Plastisphere”: Microbial Communities on Plastic Marine Debris

Researchers at Sea Education Association and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute reported in the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology a novel study of "a ... Read More

Life under ice

Lake Vostok may harbor ingredients for a complex subglacial ecosystem | 09/2013
By Rachel Ehrenberg Web edition: August 23, 2013    Even by Antarctic standards, the Lake Vostok research station is inhospitable. The outpost at the heart ... Read More

Help Name A Mystery Fish

Submit a name for this colorful fish, and you could win a trip to the Galápagos | 07/2013
Jane J. Lee National Geographic Published July 30, 2013 ... Read More

Scientists discover thriving colonies of microbes in ocean 'plastisphere'

( —Scientists have discovered a diverse multitude of microbes colonizing and thriving on flecks of plastic that have polluted the oceans—a vast new human-made ... Read More

Meet Minnesota's new zebra mussel inspectors: dogs

by Elizabeth Dunbar, Minnesota Public Radio May 7, 2013   ST. PAUL, Minn. — Zebra mussels often elude human inspectors that search boats being ... Read More

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