Elluminate Meeting Reports

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Malem: DRG Activity of MJ's compounds and proposed calcium imaging software for MSI
MJ: Bioactive Metabolites from Sulfur Oxidizing Symbiont
Joshua: MRSA active griseorhodins from 1425S
Robbie: Recombinant expression of a GH6 domain from a Bs12 cellulase
Noel: Small Scale Screening and Prioritization of Isolates 
Imelda: UP-MSI main repository of PMS-ICBG
Lenny: Active DRG Assay Results 
Marvin: Anal Canal Microbes; Dicyathifer manni
Gaiselle: Update in Chemistry
Lin: Research update
Robbie: Research update on proteomics paper
Marco: Research update on Nobilamides
Andrew: RubisCo research update
Joshua: Research update
Beth: Database update - Bingo
Carla: Research update
Jortan: Research update
Noel: Research update
Jortan: Research update
July 30/31, 2012 
No archived presentation
Lenny: DRG update
Marco: Nobilamide update
Malem: Research update
MJ: Research update
Sherif: Research update
Robbie: Research update
Marvin: Research update
Lin: Research update
Beth: Database Bingo
Imelda: Database status review
Beth: Database Bingo
Marco: Research proposal
Lin: Research Update
More reports to be posted soon
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