The scope of the Philippine Mollusk Symbiont International Cooperative Biodiversity Group (PMS-ICBG) includes biodiversity, drug discovery, biofuels and basic research. The focus is on bacteria associated with mollusks in one of the world's hotspots of diversity, the Philippines. The project aims to enhance conservation, research capability and economic development in the Philippines, while providing pharmaceutical and energy-related discoveries of worldwide value.



PMS-ICBG biodiversity grant

Ocean Genome Legacy at Northeastern University (video)

Synthesis and bioactivity of nobilamide B

A timeline of PMS-ICBG publications

Ocean's 'shipworm' mollusks have health benefits

Cone snail bacteria may yield new opportunities for drug development

Tomorrow’s Life-Saving Medications May Currently Be Living At the Bottom of the Sea

Charting new waters in the quest for new drugs

Special Features:

Kuphus polythalamia: the giant shipworm that breaks all the rules (password required)

Coming soon:  

Finding Kuphus: A Shipworm Adventure

Kuphus in action (movie)

Lumun-lumun method (movie)


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